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LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen

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Enlarge LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen
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LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen enlarge
LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen enlarge
LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen enlarge
Price from: 51.47 $
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LQ104V1DG51 LQ104V1DG21 LCD screen
The LQ104V1DG51 and LQ104V1DG21 LCD screens are high-quality display panels designed to deliver exceptional visual performance. With a screen size of 10.4 inches, these LCD screens offer a compact yet immersive viewing experience. Whether you are using them for industrial applications, medical devices, or other electronic devices, these LCD screens provide crisp and vibrant images with a resolution of 800x600 pixels, ensuring excellent clarity and detail.

These LCD screens feature advanced technology that enhances the overall visual experience. With a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, you can enjoy clear and sharp images from different perspectives without any distortion. The screens also have a high contrast ratio of 500:1, which results in deep blacks and bright whites, making the visuals more lifelike and engaging.

In addition to their impressive visual capabilities, the LQ104V1DG51 and LQ104V1DG21 LCD screens are designed for durability and reliability. They are built to withstand harsh environments and are resistant to dust, moisture, and other contaminants. The screens are also energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while delivering exceptional performance. With their sleek design and versatile functionality, these LCD screens are an excellent choice for various applications where high-quality visuals are essential.

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