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Enlarge IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 80LQFP                  TMS320F28030PNT
IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 80LQFP                  TMS320F28030PNT enlarge
Price from: 64.90 $
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The IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 80LQFP is a powerful microcontroller unit designed to meet the demanding requirements of various applications. With its 32-bit architecture, this MCU offers enhanced performance and efficient processing capabilities. The 32KB flash memory allows for ample storage of program code and data, ensuring smooth operation and flexibility.

The TMS320F28030PNT microcontroller is a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, motor control systems, and power electronics. Its advanced features and integrated peripherals enable efficient control and monitoring of various devices and processes. The 80LQFP package ensures easy integration into existing systems and provides a compact form factor for space-constrained applications.

With its robust design and high-performance capabilities, the IC MCU 32BIT 32KB FLASH 80LQFP offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for complex control applications. Whether you are designing a motor control system, implementing power management functions, or developing an industrial automation solution, this microcontroller unit provides the processing power and memory capacity required for efficient operation. Trust the TMS320F28030PNT to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in your next project.

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