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Enlarge LPC2146FBD64 LPC2146FBD LPC2146 LPC IC MCU Chip LQFP-64
LPC2146FBD64 LPC2146FBD LPC2146 LPC IC MCU Chip LQFP-64 enlarge
Price from: 66.27 $
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The LPC2146FBD64 is a highly advanced and versatile integrated circuit (IC) MCU chip, designed to provide exceptional performance and functionality for various applications. With its LQFP-64 packaging, this chip offers a compact and space-saving solution for your electronic projects.

Powered by the LPC2146FBD microcontroller unit, this chip delivers outstanding processing power and speed, making it ideal for demanding tasks. Whether you are working on robotics, industrial automation, or consumer electronics, this MCU chip offers the reliability and efficiency required to meet your project's requirements. Its extensive range of features includes multiple communication interfaces, ADC and DAC converters, and a wide range of digital and analog I/O pins, allowing for seamless integration with other components.

The LPC2146FBD64 is part of the LPC2146 series, known for its exceptional performance and reliability. This chip is a popular choice among developers and engineers due to its ease of use and extensive documentation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you can easily harness the power of this MCU chip for your next project. With its robust design and high-quality construction, the LPC2146FBD64 ensures long-term durability and consistent performance, making it a valuable addition to any electronic design.

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